G&H Biomass Trading

  • Biomass is an organic substance used for the production of electric and thermic energy as well as fuel. G&H has access to interesting worldwide sources of different types of biomass.
  • We are focused on biomass potentials from sustainable raw material sources such as forest management, wood-processing and agriculture which are used for energy.
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Wood pellets for household consumption

  • Supply of bags (normally 15 kg), jumbo bags (approx 1 ton) and bulk.
  • The heating value of 1 kg wood pellets which can be incinerated on a CO2 neutral basis corresponds to ½ litre heating oil.
  • The resulting ash-content is very low and can be used as garden fertilizer or can be dis-posed with household garbage.
  • We can supply from FSC certified producers.

Wood pellets for industrial heating and power plants

  • For the industry we deliver bulk for biomass power plants and block heating plants (e.g. greeneries).
  • 1m³ corresponds to approx. 650 kg of wood pellets.
  • We offer the complete logistic structure to supply your power plant.

Other biomass

We globally source different kinds of biomass for environmentally friendly and efficient thermic conversion.
Please contact us for developing common solutions.



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